Notes from Liz Janapol (CEO of Pelvic Therapies, Inc.) on the recent IPPS event



To Whom It May Concern:

We were so grateful to be able to present at the IPPS this last weekend. It was a special event for us because not only were we able to introduce our upcoming dual use vibrating device, the Myo-Dio, we also had the incredible opportunity of having the very talented physical therapist, Elizabeth Makous introduce two new wands that will soon be available.

I, for one very much enjoyed meeting so many wonderful healthcare professionals to include a few brave doctors. While I am not a healthcare practitioner, I certainly have my own personal experience in healing from pain and unhealthy habits. It was a rewarding event and I’m thankful to everyone I met and for everyone who was there.

Now, it is always a risk to speak up regarding anyone else’s behavior or to impart a personal opinion. I still wanted to speak up and not because of any doubts raised in my mind but truly for the purpose of discouraging unprofessionalism in this kind of venue. It was our pleasure to meet other vendors of pelvic floor products, truly; and largely we participated in a positive and professional spirit. It came to our attention that there was a company who was using the small and respectable community of IPPS to employ negative marketing tactics. I just believe that while we all have the choice to run our businesses any way we desire from our offices, we should maintain professionalism in public.

And while we continue to develop and manufacture useful and innovative products, in order to maintain compliance with existing regulatory agencies, we will be modifying our website wording. While we remain a stellar resource for pelvic pain sufferers and clinicians we have to be mindful of separating ourselves from being a diagnostic or treatment center.

Liz Janapol (CEO – Pelvic Therapies, Inc.)