The 1st Choice of Physical Therapists!

Designed with direct input from pelvic therapists, the brilliant curves and release ends of the Therawand® make it the premier therapeutic manual massage device. The TheraWand is perfect for mimicking what physical therapists do with their hands to ease tightness and discomfort in hard to reach, intrapelvic muscles and specific ‘hot spots’ or trigger points.

The TheraWand is recognized by the FDA as a therapeutic internal massage device designed to relieve painful intrapelvic myofascial ‘trigger points’ associated with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes. The TheraWand is excellent for massaging irritable, sore trigger points in the pelvic floor musculature to reduce internal pelvic floor sensitivity.

The TheraWand is available Internationally and is truly making a difference for many who suffer with pelvic pain, often an isolating condition.

All TheraWand massage devices come sealed in plastic and include an informational pamphlet. We continue to provide the highest quality and U.S.A made manual massage therapeutic wands in the industry. Our highest priority is 100% customer satisfaction. We welcome and encourage your questions and feedback

(Note: The PelviWand™ and TheraWand® is the same product. We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by reverting to our original brand name, TheraWand®.)

"I’ve researched Pelvic Floor physiotherapy and the methods used for releasing painful muscle spasms of the levator muscle. It made sense to purchase the LA wand and try to do the releases myself in the comfort of my own home, whenever the pain flared up. Not needing to wait to see a physiotherapist for relief, or needing to travel (sitting) made this an easy decision in making the purchase and giving it a try. It works beautifully! Very easy to get at that muscle spasm... The resources page on the website has easy to follow instructional videos. So grateful to have found the wand, and this website. I’m now finally getting relief, and getting my life back."

- Karin H

May 10, 2018

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